A Note from the Director

Hi Friends,

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In 2012 my brother Casey overdosed. He was only 21.

Nothing I had been told about what caused and cured addiction added up. I had no idea how to explain it to my four young sons. A dam burst. Questions multiplied. The answers to these, as I found them, only led to more questions. 

In my quest to better understand what led to his death... I discovered that almost everything I thought I knew about prevention and treatment of addiction was wrong.

I decided the most meaningful way I could honor him was to make a film sharing all the life-saving information I’d learned. I knew it would be difficult to make a movie inspired by Casey’s death, but as it turns out — that was not the difficult part.

In the early months of pre-production my fiancé and production partner of nearly a decade became addicted to oxycontin. And overnight, the message of my film became inextricable from my daily life.

My producers and I grappled with how to move forward. We made a tough decision and turned the cameras on my family.

THE COMEDOWN was suddenly inspired by a life — not a death.

I am producing/directing THE COMEDOWN with the sincere hope that the information I uncovered and proceeded to test in my own family life will inspire others to adopt the enlightened perspective, reject outdated thinking, and begin to speak and act in ways that honestly and practically address the addiction crisis.

There is hope. I hope you will join me in sharing it. Onward and upward... Becca Braren.


1 Becca Dir-2.jpg

Director Becca Braren

She began shooting on a Hasselblad when she was 16, and eventually went to graduate school for both psychology and writing. Documentary filmmaking is where these three gifts collide. 

4 Jed Consulting Prod.jpg

Consulting Producer Jed Riffe

Jed has produced many films of significant social value. His films are critically acclaimed, widely distributed, and have earned awards from festivals, foundations, and anthropological organizations alike. 

7 Crew - Laura Stoddard.jpg

Associate Producer Laura Stoddard

Laura studied Human Rights and turned to film as a conduit for social change.  She is currently involved in three documentaries.

2 Kristen Prod.jpg

Producer Kristen Murtha

Kristen’s projects span all mediums - from features to web series - and have received recognition at over fifty film festivals, including Sundance. She has earned many millions of views online. 

5 Kaye.JPG

Editor Kaye Breeman

Kaye is dedicated to telling stories that matter.  She graduated from Emerson College in 2011 and has been editing ever since, most recently with Brave New Films.  She looks for documentary projects that can change the world. 

8 Crew - Regina Clemente.jpg

Outreach Consultant Regina Clemente

A community activist for over 15 years, Regina shifted to making critical media accessible with Brave New Films.

3 Crew - Avery .jpg

Director of Photography Avery Hudson

Avery has been a professional DP for decades, and prefers projects that spread truth to commercial ones.  

6 Sally R.jpg

Post Production Consultant Sally Rubin

Sally earned a Master’s in Communication & Documentary Film from Stanford in 2004 and has been directing and editing since. She is also a professor at Chapman University.

9 Crew - Caryn.JPG

Production Coordinator Caryn DiMarco

Caryn DiMarco came to LA from Montana with the goal of telling stories that inspire hope, tolerance, and critical thinking.

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Our team has partnered with influential media companies to tell important and impactful stories.

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